My first time in Liverpool with Bloom Markets

My first time in Liverpool with Bloom Markets

So the final Sunday in October was my first time in Liverpool. I cannot lie it was not the most successful market I've ever been to and for the distance travelled and what I paid I'm not sure it was really worth it as sad as that makes me. 

I took my mum to this market with it being in the city centre and having to transport all my stuff from a car park a short walk from the venue meant that I needed the help! 

It was a nice venue and the other traders were lovely but unfortunately the footfall was very low. I am happy to say though that the majority of people that actually came through the door actually bought something from me! Having those pink stripy bags really helps my customers stand out from the crowd. 

Thank you to everyone that came to see me in Liverpool and maybe I will be back one day. My next big city market is Manchester Craft and Flea and I am really hoping for a good day! 

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