Why you should ditch the hair elastic and switch up to scrunchies!

Welcome! This is our first official blog post on Abi Through The Ears, we are here to care for your hair and the Earth! Here are 5 fab reasons to switch to scrunchies. 
It's time to ditch those hair wrecking elastics and opt for some hair friendly alternatives! At a quick glance, a scrunchie might just look like a cute hair accessory but the benefits are so incredible that they are an absolute must if you want to look after your hair. 
1. They are much less likely to cause headaches. 
I know just the thought of wearing a hair bobble for hours on end at work can feel like a pain but when you actually wear one, due to the intense strain of the bobble holding your hair, it can cause a mind numbing headache. Switching to scrunchies reduces the pull on your hair follicles and therefore your head which means even after hours there is less chance of getting a headache. 

2. Stops your hair from getting tangled. 

If you have long hair, you understand the struggle of getting your hair in a nice looking up-do. You either get strands wrapped around one another or your hair bobble just leaves your hair in a mess. Thanks to quality hair scrunchies you can just slide them off when you put your hair down and although you might end up with a couple of strands out of place, overall you'll have so much less damage! Scrunchies are perfect for curly hair too, especially those silk variants. They will help keep your hair soft and beautiful, while also reducing your struggle to manage your hair. 
3. Prevent hair breakage. 
Scrunchies are so soft on your hair in comparison to a standard hair bobble. This is down to the layer of fabric that lies between the elastic used inside a scrunchie and your hair. There are lots of different hair bobbles but I find even those spring style ones pull out my hair. Since I've been using scrunchies, I've noticed that my hair condition has improved and I don't feel any pulls or tugs on my hair as the scrunchies just glide over. 
4. Scrunchies are versatile 
There are so many ways to wear a scrunchie! Wear it up in a high pony tail, top bun, low bun, or have a half-up-half-down hair do. They are so cute and ATTE has so many designs that it would be hard not to find one that works for you. You can even wear it around your wrist to mess with if you ever feel the need to. 
5.  Towel scrunchies are a lifesaver for wet hair!
The eco-friendly bamboo towel material these scrunchies are made from are AMAZING for wet hair on the go! They help reduce the heat drying time which helps tame frizz and reduce hair breakage. The bamboo towelling is one of the softest but absorbent materials available which means it is gentle on all hair types and absorbs so much moisture from your hair. 
So if that didn't change your opinion on the importance of wearing hair scrunchies then I don't know what will! 
As for a cute scrunchie, you can get all of Abi Through The Ears' scrunchies here on the website and at markets.
Have a happy hair day! 
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