Sustainability Statement

Sustainability? We’re working on it!

Every day at Abi Through The Ears is a learning curve and we are striving to become a more sustainable business! Being a Geography Teacher and teaching sustainability to my students makes it feel even more important for me because after all, I have to practise what I preach!

The ways in which we are already trying to be sustainable are:

  • Zero waste. I try my best to be zero waste and every piece of fabric is used to within an inch of its cutting. As we make a variety of products it means that no matter how much or how little fabric is left, we make something with it.
  • Materials are sourced locally where possible. Most of the fabrics used are from UK based businesses reducing the amount of miles they have travelled and our packaging comes from Stone, only 15 miles from our studio.
  • Recyclable Packaging. All of the packaging used to ship your orders is recyclable so you can pop it straight into your mixed recycling bin; however, please check your local councils rules regarding if you can put it into yours.

  • Reusing packaging. Any packaging received for my own orders whether that be fabrics or packaging is used again to ship orders to my lovely customers so it doesn’t go to waste.