Our Story

Meet the Founder

Hey! I'm Abi, the founder of Abi Through The Ears. In March 2020, I decided I needed something to help improve my mental health so turned to my mum's sewing machine. It was an 25 year old Brother machine that missed stitches and constantly chomped up the material but I found so much pride when I finally got to the end of a make. I invested in a new machine and started sewing at every spare minute I had. ATTE means so much to me, it's not all about sales but the warm feeling I get when anyone shows me any type of support. You guys mean so much to me. I've always been known to have my hair tied up! After using bobbles for years, I realised I was destroying my hair and it was constantly breaking off. I discovered that using scrunchies was so much better for my hair so went off to buy some only they were never brilliant. I have thick hair (like a lot of my customers) and found that normal hair scrunchies can only wrap around twice and therefore didn't really hold my hair up for long periods of time. This led to the creation of our 5 star rated scrunchie! It took many failed attempts; however, the Abi Through The Ears scrunchie was born and it is loved by so many. As my business grew, so did the amount of products I made. This has led to what you can see today.